RTC-  Radio Television de Cap-rouge was founded in august 23,2012, and has been providing quality  services to the public ever since. Located in Cap-rouge St Louis Du Nord employs over 10 people and does all kinds of Read more »

Unic Zone Lakay food & Money transfer


Simple. Reliable. Money transfer.It’s amazing how much you receive
when you send money.Low fees and great exchange rates , Money arrives
in minutes


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Cap-rouge Development

Donation Station Guide – for the people

If you enjoy your experience with  Radio Zone Inter and you are in a position to support our efforts, we suggest the following: Cap-rouge Development Inc Wind Project

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Black Friday Deals Are Here Early with Our Countdown Event
Black Friday 2015 is almost here, but we didn’t want you to wait until the day after   Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals,


La Chine met la main dans nos infrastructures


Les entreprises et banques chinoises sont dans nos murs. Les prochains locaux du palais des Finances (ministère, Douanes, DGI) et de la Cour des comptes sont exécutés par une firme de la République populaire de Chine. D’autres contrats pour plus d’un milliard de dollards sont signés. Les Chinois vont apporter le financement, faire les études, l’exécution et la supervision. Read more »

Via- Cap-rouge Florida-Haiti Interstate Tunnel


ADVISORY: The Florida-Haiti Interstate Tunnel and the Caribbean International Highway project is fake. Please remain calm and view this article as an imaginary work of fiction. See Also: Union of Everett for further information. Read more »